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School District And Real Estate


Our Own A Rated Seminole County School District Boosts The Real Estate Market!

We've all heard the phrase, "we moved for the schools". Let's explore the reasons why that phrase correlates to Seminole County Schools consistently top rating district is adding value to the market.
The metrics for which all districts are subject to equates to an annual grade, and that grade should be important to all residents and potential transplant residents. In a letter from Seminole County School District's communication officer, it was reported that the district has retained its "A"-Rating for the 11th year in a row! One of only 10 districts to receive the A Rating in the state and subsequently the "largest district" to do so, this is a resounding achievement for anyone looking at the district on paper. For those potentially deciding to send their children to public school in our county or perhaps those making the decision on whether to relocate here, this becomes vitally important to the retention of occupancy, and influx of new home buyers. The schools are proud to have one of the highest graduation rates in the state, as well as SAT scores exceeding the national average.

A well rated school district is without a doubt one of the most important factors in keeping a community's growth alive and well. We are very fortunate as residents of Seminole County to have this element at work for us here. We should take a minute to reflect on how we too are responsible for this. Ensuring that schools receive the funding needed to project an excellent learning environment across a district is vital to its performance. By supporting educational fund raisers, school related tax initiatives, and paying our property taxes we all contribute to the continuing development of this exceedingly healthy environment.

Our community is close knit and evidence in national publications such; as Lake Mary's "4th Best Town For Families" in Family Circle 7/2014 exists as advertising for that. A core element of this type of recognition is certainly the School District, which in our case helps boost the housing market for all residents. Home values are up, vacancy rates are down, and companies continue to expand to, or setup "shop" here in our beautiful area. We can thank our hardworking administrators, teachers, community leaders, and one another for helping Seminole County Schools remain a model district which improves quality of life here for all.

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